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4K Underwater Drone

Captures Perfectly Stabilized
Underwater Photos & Video Wherever
Adventure Takes You.

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Sleek, Compact Body with Professional-Grade Stabilizers for a Steady Shot, Anytime

Built-in Active Stabilizer

45° Adjustable Tilt Lock

4K Recording / 1080p Wireless Streaming

Integrated Color Correction Function

4hr Swappable Battery

500m Radio Frequency Remote Control

Stabilized, Color-Corrected Shots on the Move

Stabilization algorithms & adjustable 45° tilt lock function help focus on every underwater experience.

4K Crystal Clear Recording

Designed for killer stills underwater, the 4K camera with integrated color correction lets you experience each moment in vivid, true-to-life color.

Wireless Live Streaming

Livestream through your smartphone up to 500m away using a waterproof buoy equipped with a wireless transmission system.

4hr Swappable Battery

Explore the depths limitlessly, and worry less about running out of power. Simply change MITO’s battery.


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Andy M.
Director, Underwater Photographer


Stability is the essential component of achieving excellent underwater imaging. I’m really impressed to see how MITO is, underwater.

Jessea L.
Chinese Free Diving Record Holder, PFI Instructor


MITO is super easy to set up, quick to maneuver, so I can play the video back to my students and help with their techniques.

Pinneng S.


I’m really impressed with the colors captured by Navatics MITO. It’s good enough for me to do post-production.